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Reasons We Love Magento for eCommerce Web Development

One of the most popular eCommerce web development platforms is Magento, it also happens to be a favorite of ours. It makes site updates simple, and is extremely adaptable when it comes time to designing various options and split (A/B) tests.

Let’s take a look at some of our top reasons why you we more often than not partner with Magento for eCommerce web development.

It’s An Open Source

Magento is accessible in 3 different versions such as free, hosted and enterprise, however, the free version is the most prevalent choice for web designers. Since it’s open source, Magento offers different features that help expert web developers to create outstanding websites that are excellent for the online business. This guarantees quick availability, and easy editing for all looking to create high quality e-commerce websites.

Focus On Ecommerce

Magento is the only website development platform that has been developed particularly to oversee eCommerce operations. Dashboards, supply chain management, product packaging, shipping management, and inventory management are just a few of the major components pre-built into Magento. In the process of doing business transactions on the website, it’s important to make use of these cutting-edge features to manage the everyday complexities.

Mobile Platform Adaptability

Without any doubt, Magento has the power to allow access to the ecommerce site from anyplace on the planet. It utilizes HTML 5 as the building platform, which makes it possible for any website developed on Magento to be opened on any type of platforms, including mobile. This integration also provides clients with a drag and drop feature for quick landing page development.

Extensive Speed & High Flexibility

When it comes to search engines, speed is often the most crucial element. Magento makes eCommerce web development fun by including built-in features that help web designers to make adjustments to the site according to the latest trends. It also includes auto caching of the pages, image compression tools, and data recovery.

Simple Customization & Community Support

An additional benefit of partnering with Magento is that it permits adding forthcoming features to a live site without disturbing the current layout design. This empowers a designer to make updates as needed, without the fear of breaking the site. The community version provides backend support and and excellent support articles.

Magento is our friend, and we'd love to show you how it can be yours too. Learn more about how and can help your business build a community.


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Brock Monahan

President & Creative Director

January 25, 2018