search engine marketing:

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Chances are your web leads – if you’re getting any, that is – aren’t coming from prospects who typed your full company name into their web browser. Urge’s search engine marketing solutions, and proprietary search engine optimization practices, increase the frequency of your online interactions.

If you got here through Google search (or the browser of your choice), congratulations – you’ve seen search engine marketing at work! And seen that we practice what we preach. We’ve optimized our content to include proper keywords so that you can easily find us (even if you didn’t search for us by name), and promoted valuable content through our paid channels.

Our experienced SEM team can put your website on the map. Applying web analytics tools and conducting an expert search engine analysis on your website, we produce extensive keyword research, analyze your competitors’ sites and develop a strategy that drives web traffic. And not just any web traffic – qualified traffic.

There are countless numbers of companies operating today that offer services to increase your web traffic. But none of this traffic matters if it doesn’t translate to conversion. And if done wrong, search engine marketing can actually hurt your search engine presence rather than improve it.

Only Urge uses a combination of SEM best practices and proprietary SEO strategies, to unequivocally improve the quantity and quality of site visitors.

Skills and capabilities

  • Keyword research and planning
  • Content optimization
  • Competitive analysis and auditing
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management
  • Display Network strategy and development
  • Micro-targeting / geo-targeting
  • Scheduled reporting