Community-driven business transformation.

In our ever-changing marketplace, the common thread between industries and functions is change.

Business leaders now need to solve for the challenges brought on by rapidly changing technology and customer usage. These barriers must continually be addressed – transforming new challenges into sources of competitive advantage.

Urge’s consulting practice helps businesses discover the reasoning behind their customers. We reprioritize businesses around their communities, through audience insights and identified engagement opportunities.

Built on a community-centric foundation, our premium and proprietary approaches, methodologies and techniques have been pointed towards businesses of all shapes and sizes. This approach is centered on the knowledge that only with a deeper understanding of consumers, can we then inform the strategy and design of our solutions to create value.

Currently, our core strategy continues to provide powerful insights and competitive advantages to our clients. Urge’s unique consulting approach, harnesses the power of community research to create customer engagement that ultimately increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Skills and capabilities

  • Customer segmentation, targeting and profiling
  • Market landscape and competitor assessment
  • Omni-channel customer decision journeys
  • Customer engagement roadmap
  • Customer engagement strategy
  • Product and service innovation
  • Customer-driven brand positioning and architecture
  • Engagement economics and financial justifications