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The Direct Marketing Opportunity

Direct marketing is a sub-discipline of marketing that focuses on driving purchases via a specific "call-to-action". One of the main advantages of direct marketing is that the results achieved are trackable and measurable regardless of whichever media is utilised.

The main types of media employed in direct marketing are direct mail, direct response advertising, email marketing and telemarketing, however, it can also encompass radio, television, internet banners and billboards, etc.

Direct marketing offers the ability to run a highly targeted marketing campaign particularly with direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing. The recipients of the marketing communication can be selected by specific demographics such geographic location, sex, age, social class, etc. In the business to business environment the criteria for recipient selection may be company size in terms of employee numbers or turnover, geographical location, job title, industry sector, etc.

A successful direct marketing campaign needs to be clear and concise and the ‘call to action’ must be relevant and compelling. In the case of printed communication or online marketing the quality of design work and copywriting is key to convincing the recipient to act on the offering.

Another advantage of most forms of direct marketing is that there is less ‘wastage’ than with other forms of marketing such as advertising. As for example, direct mail can be targeted at businesses or individuals that are very likely to have a requirement for the product or service. This is much harder with advertising as many people reading a magazine or listening to a radio advertisement will not have the correct profile to have an interest in the product or service.

Direct marketing can be particularly effective for small or medium sized companies, it enables them to reach the individuals or businesses most likely to need their product or service and also offer some incentive to purchase. Results are not only measurable they also tend to be fairly quick which is important particularly for a young company with a fragile cash flow.

Numerous lists are available for purchase to target the correct people or businesses. Lists can be expensive so for a small business it can be an idea to try to develop your own list. For a successful mailing package you do not necessarily need to spend large amounts of money, a simple post card can often be sufficient if well written and designed.

Direct marketing can be key to your business if you get it correct, it can drive growth for your business. Learn more about how and can help your business build a community.


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Brock Monahan

President & Creative Director

January 4, 2018