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How Web Design Can Increase Conversion Rate

Web design plays a significant role in improving the conversion rate of a website. However, many businesses fail to identify this important aspect of web design.

Most organizations have a misconception about the role the design of a website has. Many leaders consider design only as the visual effect of a site. However, your site needs to be more than just an advanced digital brochure to be successful. To accomplish your online objectives, you must harness the all powers that web design has to offer.

Especially for small businesses, or companies with complex services, website architecture needs to work towards simplifying the sales process while generating sales. High quality website design can help boost your website's conversion rate and content engagement by channelling leads into sales.

Style, Perception And First Impressions

Style and design is the lifeline of your website, and first impressions are crucial in the web world. You just mere seconds to make this initial impression before a visitor bounces out. Powerful visuals, attractive photography and a perfect overall structural format all help to engage the first time visitor of your website.

Great styles are the initial phase in forming how visitors view your business. For instance, a spotless and modern design showcases that your business is also present and professional. A classic layout of the website can mean that you mean business and your company has strong foundations. A robust design can display the power of your business and how well it can manage challenging jobs. You need your site to be a reflection of your business' best values and qualities.

Navigation & Website Architecture

Clean, intuitive and user-friendly navigation is essential in expanding the usability of the website. User-friendliness is all about how rapidly and effectively a visitor can navigate through the data. A user-friendly navigation usually includes fewer choices and features a powerful search option to help clear the way for a troubled visitor. Setting a clean navigation isn’t easy and it requires services of a qualified and skilled web designer to ensure its ease of use.

Typography and Readability on the Website

Having readable, clear and balanced typography makes content approachable and easy to ready by users. This also requires an up-to-date content marketing strategy that produces content that features highlights and sub-sections to allow readers to skim. Remember, consistency is important. Usability and readability can be increased by sticking to one or two fonts throughout the website.

Defining Opportunities for Conversion

Conversion paths are the foundation to generating leads from your site. These paths need to pull together every aspect of proper web design optimization to achieve maximum engagement with users. Conversion paths need optimized using split A/B tests to ensure the needs of the users are met throughout the experience.

Businesses of all types can boost their conversion rate by incorporating these website design tips. Learn more about how and can help your business build a community.


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Brock Monahan

President & Creative Director

February 1, 2018