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Content Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Content is an integral part of social media marketing (SMM), but it turns out that most businesses are still unfamiliar with content marketing.

Let’s look at the major ways in which they differ:

Focus of Marketing

The main focus of social media marketing is concentrated within the social media platforms. When marketers operate social media campaigns, they operate inside Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The content is placed inside these networks.

In contrast, the focus of content marketing is to publish content to the business website and then publicize it through various social media platforms. Social media is used extensively to share the links of content published. Examples of new content could be blog posts, infographics, videos, etc.

Types of Content

Social media content is created for the specific social platform intended to publish the same. Twitter uses short tweets with 280 characters, Facebook uses media like videos and images along with short texts, Instagram uses images and tiny videos. Each brand should model their behavior based on the users of the social platforms.

In contrast, content marketing for your website allows longer forms of publication. Brands can produce blog posts, recent case studies, behind the scenes video, infographics, ebooks, and much more. Brands should model their content marketing behavior based on their media publishers.


Although the two are different forms of marketing a brand, both differ in their objectives. Social media is primarily used for brand building, awareness, consumer interaction, feedbacks, promotions, and lead generation. Social media is an open house where consumers can start a discussion about the brand and services directly with the company. This is why, SMM is so important to building customer loyalty.

Content marketing on the other hand focus on demand generation. Quality content brings a prospect to the website. Content marketing focuses to develop on that relationship to convert the leads to purchase. Good content marketing focuses on the entirety of the brand’s site. A company with poor content strategy will struggle to funnel a positive purchasing decision.

Online Marketing Scenario

Social media marketing is a relatively outdated term, but is practiced by most of the companies. Content marketing on the other hand is a new practice. The importance of content marketing rose after the smart device explosion. A brand with no website (but with social media accounts) will find it hard to gain consumer trust. A strong website generates trust in the consumer, while strategically formed content solidifies the brands value.

Brands can engage deep with their customers through well organized content marketing efforts, that encompass a thorough social media marketing plan. Learn more about how and can help your business build a community.


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Brock Monahan

President & Creative Director

March 29, 2018