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Build Marketing Relationships the Easy Way

Marketing is something we need to do everyday (okay, okay, we can take some days off!). Anything that needs to be done on a consistent basis can be made easier if you automate it.

That's why all successful online businesses put most of their email communications on autopilot. In this way they can build the marketing relationship between themselves and their prospects and clients with ongoing communications that are sent out automatically at pre-set times.

This allows you, the marketer, to spend time on things that are important - like the quality of the email copy, and not on keeping track of when you need to send the next emails and who gets what email at what time.

Modern businesses use opt-in (meaning people have to give their permission to be added to your list) autoresponder software that is inexpensive, easy to use and has great features.

An autoresponder program allows you to put in any number of pre-written emails to your list (or a specific sub-group of your list) and have them sent out at pre-set dates and times.

It's a very powerful way to build a connection with people by keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. We all know that in marketing it's key to stay in contact so that when people need your services and products, you are top-of-mind. It's also well known that people need to hear about or see something at least 7 times before it even registers!

There are several different ways that you can incorporate autoresponder emails into your marketing plans:

1. When people opt-in to receive your free-giveaway (special report, audio tips, ebook, video tutorial, etc.) you can set up an autoresponder series that highlights different key points covered in your free-giveaway and points them to specific pages

2. Your free-giveaway can actually be delivered in several parts using an autoresponder series. You could send a 5 - 7 part audio series or a collection of weekly tips for several weeks

3. After someone buys a product you can have 2 -4 emails that check in to see if they have any questions and to offer some suggestions for getting the best use out of their new purchase

4. If you have a teleseminar, you can set up 2 -4 reminder emails explaining the benefits of the call and encouraging sign up. After the call, you can send an automated email with the recording and re-iterate any key information or questions that came up in the call

5. When people join a membership program, you can send a series of emails that congratulate them on taking such an important step, give them membership log-in/password details, upcoming events and agenda items, first week's reading or pre-meeting assignments

You are really only limited by your imagination with how you can utilize the power, ease and automation of autoresponder email communications to grow your marketing relationships with people and provide valuable, relevant information and assistance to people you serve.

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September 12, 2018