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A Background on Our Founder, Brock Monahan

“Urge is human-centered. We’re human beings, creating human interactions.”

Our Founder/Creative Director, Brock Monahan, began his career as a studio product photographer, later moving into a graphic design role while working at a large ad agency in Columbus, Ohio. Quickly rising to the rank of Art Director, Brock lead a dynamic creative team and soon found his love for developing authentic brand experiences.

After moving to New York City, he traded in his in-house job to focus his skillset as a freelance User Experience Designer. This position grew rapidly, gaining him an international reach while working with clients such as Pampered Chef, The Ohio Senate, and Google Enterprise (just to name a few).

As a self-employed User Experience Designer for over 7 years, Brock strategized, directed, and produced engaging communications for companies of all shapes and sizes. This passion for problem solving continued to bloom, flowering the foundation for the creative agency know today as urge (previously Brock Monahan, Inc).

While Brock holds an extensive background of self teaching and hands-on experience, he’s academically trained as well – carrying Bachelors of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design, with degrees in Advertising/Graphic Design and Photography.

Brock’s a dedicated reader, community activist, and triathlete. When he’s not pulling a late night at our office, he’s usually found at a nearby brewery talking someone's ear off about punk rock.

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December 21, 2017