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5 AdWords Must-Haves & How To Use Them

Google AdWords can become a major driver of sales and a great addition to your marketing campaign if integrated properly. Adwords has become an excellent option for businesses that are looking for instant exposure. Its allows you to publish your ads on the top of the organic search results, thus providing maximum exposure to search audiences. Like everything else in the digital world, Google Adwords also requires a few extra steps for business success.

A understanding of Adwords strategy is absolutely necessary however, leave it to your digital advertising agency to sweat the copy, keywords, and messaging.

Adwords campaigns can be created around specific product features, or hot-topic issues that connect with your audience. This makes it quite necessary that your Adwords campaigns are kept up-to-date regularly to achieve maximum click through rates.

Here are the 5 must-haves for a successful Adwords campaign:

Choose Your Keywords Properly

Leave yourself with a proper amount of time upfront to find the exact keywords best suited for your audience. Using keyword planning tools, determine the keywords most searched by users to find your product or service. Be sure to understand how customers are finding your competitors online as well.

Put Money in Keywords with Proven Records

During research you'll find a few particular keywords that have been proven to be highly profitable for specific businesses. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, understand fist what your customers are searching. The most popular keywords are the most popular for a reason.

Use Various Types Of Matching Methods for the Adwords

You must use all the matching methods available in order to change your keywords at regular intervals. The various matching methods of your keywords incorporate exact, phrase, and broad matching. By simply noting all of these matching methods inside Adwords, you can keep away the unrelated users from clicking on your Ads.

Keep a Close Eye on Negative Keywords

To ensure a profitable keywords campaign, it's important to keep a log of keywords that have a habit of generating unwarranted traffic. For instance, in a clothing website, ‘formal clothes’ and ‘informal clothes’ are two completely different topics. Therefore, a site that doesn’t offer informal clothing to its clients should filter out people searching for that category.

This is why, it is crucial to keep a close eye on all negative keywords, which might result in bringing unprofitable traffic to the site. For instance, if ‘bad seafood’ is not meant for your business, then mark it as a negative keyword.

Enhance the Ads on Regular Intervals

Before choosing the your favorite option, try different versions of online ads by running split A/B tests. You can easily get more profitable ads by simply rewriting your ad copy and testing each click through rate. This also leaves you messaging and content that has been proven to work with your audience.

Businesses of all types can benefit by incorporating these Google AdWord tools. Learn more about how and can help your business build a community.


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Brock Monahan

President & Creative Director

March 1, 2018