data science & strategy:

An all new power in numbers.

Customers today thrive on customization. But often the sheer number of choices available to them produce an overwhelming environment, resulting in customer drop-off.

Urge uses a unique data science strategy to anticipate the needs of your customers before they’re met. This approach produces highly relevant actions that reduce wait times and streamline your purchasing process.

We believe personalization, when done consistently and across channels, is key factor in producing customer loyalty. Urge ensures every customer receives an experience that looks and feels highly personal across the entire journey – in every moment that matters.

When businesses make the decision to better leverage data science as an economic resource, new opportunities to generate value open up throughout the customer life cycle.

Urge’s team of dedicated data scientists and marketing analysts help our clients become value-driven, data-backed enterprises.

Skills and capabilities

  • Data science & analytics
  • Data strategy
  • Data visualization, reporting & business intelligence
  • Data technology & implementation services