branding & naming:

Positioning in the mind of your community.

“Branding” may be the most frequently misunderstood word in marketing. But to meaningfully engage with your community, branding and naming is essential to position your company’s unique story and differentiate from the competition.

Branding – and rebranding – is often perceived as expensive, and thought to be near impossible without a huge budget. And because of the complexity of modern products and services, branding and naming can be difficult to establish and understand.

Yet a good brand, a compelling name, and a solid positioning strategy are critical to the success of any company.

Urge understands brand building. We’re not just talking a cool logo, great copy, and pleasing graphic design. We build consistent experiences for our clients, which blend brand marketing channels (new and old) to drive value.

Whether it’s launching a new startup or rebranding a blue-chip, our diverse team are proven experts at getting peoples attention and driving an actionable message.

Skills and capabilities

  • Naming, audience testing, trademark research
  • Branding, logo design and corporate identities
  • Style and usage guides
  • Market vision, strategy and planning
  • Brand illustration and iconography
  • Positioning and marketplace messaging
  • Product branding
  • Branded spaces and interiors